PARIS: Folks and Sparrows !

It's no secret that I love my food, and that I especially love to eat.  

Put me in France surrounded by all that food and I swoon.

However, some days I like something quick and light.  Only some days!

This is where Folks and Sparrows was perfect.  A home-made quiche or a freshly whipped up baguette is what you'll find here.  You'll also find gorgeous smiles, a relaxed vibe and an environment you'll want to take lots and lots photos of.

Folks and Sparrows
14 Rue Saint-S├ębastien
75011 Paris, France
(11th Arrondissement)

Sooki La La !

Because it's raining in Melbourne, because I'm not feeling well, and because I'm being a little "sooki la la", I thought I'd whip us up a bunch of my favourite cookies.

Yep, you've seen them before here, but having made these ones with almond meal instead of almond flour, the texture and flavour changed immensely - I thought I'd share with you.

Not only darker to look at, these cookies came out a lot crumblier in texture with a stronger almond flavour.

Curled up with my blanket and a pot of tea using my new Limoges teapot (found in a little vintage store in Paris), I'm starting to feel a little better...actually, I'm thinking I need to be a sookie la la a lot more often!

Oats. Gluten-Free?

Are oats, even if labeled "gluten free", gluten free?

I'm a very happy girl when my face is planted in a big bowl of steaming porridge on a cold winter's morning, or munching on a hot, just out of the oven, ANZAC biscuit.  However,  having removed gluten from my diet for health reasons, I've begun to question the eating of oats.  

 The amount of contradicting advice I've read on the subject has made me bury my head in the sand, whilst still eating my porridge and biscuits in blissful ignorance.