Paris to Provence 2015

Last Sunday I donned my little red shoes and indulged my inner French madommoiselle at the 6th annual Paris to Provence Festival at Como House.

I spent my day smelling pink peonies and drinking even pinker rose.  I ate buttery croissants, sipped lattes and bought vintage french cutlery - I'm a brilliant multi-tasker.  French singers serenaded as my red shoes walked past and bulldogs wore bow ties.  French flags flapped in the cool Spring breeze and just about everyone who was anyone wore stripes.

That's what I did on Sunday.

How about you?

Where's the cheese ?

The cat is well and truly out of the bag.

In just over a months time, I'll be packing my bags, pocketing my passport and flying off to a little town called New York City. 

A snowy Winter wonderland awaits me in the Big Apple where I plan to ice-skate, walk aimlessly for hours discovering the best food places this town has to offer and perhaps indulge in a little New York Cheesecake....or two.

In ode to this up coming adventure and inspired by my utter love of all things French, I present to you a combination of some of my favourite ingredients and flavours in life - my petite "no-cheese" cheesecake.

A Place Called Yard !

Far far away in a little town called Paris lives a pretty, yet unassuming restaurant called Yard.

This little Parisian gem is not interested in being amongst the hustle and bustle, but can be discovered hiding down a little back cobbled lane, away from prying tourist eyes.  An hours walk from our apartment brings us inside this oasis where you'll find me...hungrily and impatiently waiting for the seasonal (albeit limited) menu to be placed in front of me.

And each year I walk away having indulged in and subsequently voted for "the dish of the trip".