Secret Recipe Club - October !

Say hello to Sarah!

Sarah loves to bake (like me).   She is from Ontario, Canada (a country I hope to one day see soon, and a country where my niece Miss B is studying at university....well, she says she's studying...hehe).  Sarah fully admits to being a comfort eater (like me too!), and is the lovely lady behind the blog Things I Make for Dinner, a place where she keeps weekly menu plans and showcases her newly tried recipes.  

I love that Sarah and her husband lose weight and save money by cooking and eating at home (this made me laugh Sarah) and what put a big smile on my face is that she adores French food (ME TOO!!)

Things I Make for Dinner is my Secret Recipe blog for the month of October, and my recipe this month is a long-time favourite, yet one I rarely cook myself.  That's all changed now....

I did make a couple of little changes to Sarah's original recipe for my own dietary requirements, including removing the brown sugar and replacing the sour cream with coconut cream, for a dairy-free version (this also eliminated the need for the chicken stock).  I also used raw chicken and not pre-cooked chicken, as well as shoving some yummy extra greens into the mix (silverbeet).   

Protein + Fat !

2 simple things I'm trialing, embracing and LOVING these days due to my hypothyroidism: 

1. Increasing my protein intake; and

Why, I hear you ask?

Chocolate + Orange !

You take one orange - it doesn't even have to be a juicy one - boil it for an hour and then let it cool.

That's the longest (and hardest) step of this recipe.

The rest is a cinch.  Even the eating part, because these cakes (not sure they can even be called a cake) are so fluffy, light and mousse like in texture, that you'll devour each and every one of them quicker than it takes to do the first step above.

Trust me.

I'm experienced!