Vanilla Bean Powder !

When I east sugar - I scratch.

My thyroid swells, my brain gets foggy and I'm suddenly ravenous.  It's taken years of experimenting on myself to discover this fact.

My problem...

I love to bake (why couldn't I love gardening instead?).  So like a dog with a bone (albeit one of those cute fluffy ones) I've been searching for ingredients that don't send me screaming down the street.  

My latest discovery...Vanilla Bean Powder!

Now I realise this product has been around for ages, but I'm finally on board.  Now, I'm in love.

Vanilla bean pods ground to a beautiful, fragrant dust - nothing else.

No sweetener, no alcohol.

Just 100% pure heaven.

I used Careme’s Gluten Free “Savoury” Shortcrust Pastry for these tart shells.  “Savoury” because I didn’t want the added sugar from their “sweet” range.

Personally, I love making my own pastry.  I find it cathartic.  However, there are some days when only bought pre-made pastry will do, and this is one of my favourites.

Fish Patties !

I have a tip for you - you can't fry soggy mash!

Hmmm...maybe not such an exciting tip, but a good one nevertheless if you plan on making fish patties.  I'm not only talking about potato mash, but mashed food in general.  It's a tip I've kinda known for a long time, but not often put into practice.....unfortunately.

If you use this tip with these patties (by making sure you allow to firm up in the fridge before frying), you'll love me forever.

Is that weird?

Secret Recipe Club - October !

Say hello to Sarah!

Sarah loves to bake (like me).   She is from Ontario, Canada (a country I hope to one day see soon, and a country where my niece Miss B is studying at university....well, she says she's studying...hehe).  Sarah fully admits to being a comfort eater (like me too!), and is the lovely lady behind the blog Things I Make for Dinner, a place where she keeps weekly menu plans and showcases her newly tried recipes.  

I love that Sarah and her husband lose weight and save money by cooking and eating at home (this made me laugh Sarah) and what put a big smile on my face is that she adores French food (ME TOO!!)