Sunny Queensland......

I've just spent a whirl wind of a long weekend up on the sunny Gold Coast meeting my new little great-niece for the very first time.

My God...a great-niece....I'm really not that old...really I'm not.

It was a wonderful weekend catching up with my nephews and niece, feeding our faces with Vietnamese in Chinatown to sitting down by the beach munching fish and chips, wearing thongs again, and watching the Pelicans get ready for their dinner.

It came to an end all too soon!



  1. Lovely photo of the pelicans!

    I had to have a think about a great-niece... It is your brother's/sister's son's/daughter's daughter? ie. your sibling's child's child? *confused* LOL

  2. Tell me about it. She's actually my nephew's daughter. They're breeding young these days..hehe


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