The Beach, and a Naughty Treat...

This past weekend I headed down the coast with some friends to Anglesea where we indulged in lots of very naughty and chips....more wine....

Since we were on a roll with all this naughty food, I decided to bring along the Pièce de résistance......

Peanut Butter Pie

Does it get any more naughty than that!

I pinched this recipe (originally from Maggie's Kitchen Cookbook) from Agnes of Off the Spork. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect.

Sticky, sweet, and oh so very bad....perfection!


  1. When I saw that on Agnes' blog. I drooled. Seeing again here, I whimpered. Why won't someone make this for me? (See, if I make it myself, the peanut butter filling will never even make it onto the base. Just straight into my mouth. I know myself too well... :P)

  2. Oh how I miss peanuts, with husband supposedly allergic (wont go into that one!) and kids not tested yet sadly I have to overlook all recipes containing peanuts for now - looks fantastic?

  3. You and both Hannah! As soon as I saw this on Agnes' blog I knew i had to have it....delicious!

    Poor you Ange! I'll make it for you one day and we can meet somewhere secret between our places...hehehe

  4. Yay! So glad you made it and enjoyed it :D

  5. Thanks for the inspiration Agnes (I promise, I'm not stalking your blog!)


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