What was planned as a 7km (approx 2 hours) walk along the coast around San Remo.....

.....turned into a 4+ hour shuffle in the 30+ degree heat.

Were we idiots?

Watching the beautiful orange sunset from the pub, with a cider in one hand and my camera in the other made the pain go away.

Far, far away.


  1. Yours is the only photo I've seen with the sun in it. Everyone else's has been just the clouds, after it's set. In answer to your question... Yes we were idiots but all I've done is laugh about it since.

  2. Great photos Leigh! Was a fun day if not more than a trifle stressful at times.
    The whole day is worthy of many laughs "in retrospect".
    We won't forget it in a hurry that is for certain!!

  3. Hi Sheli and Lindy - thanks for such a fun day, although I did feel the after affects for a number of days afterwards!!


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