A Sunday Stroll .

After a very lazy morning, the rest of my Sunday looked a bit like this, before heading home to make the best cake EVER!

A gorgeous little community garden I found by accident.  Yummy eggplants growing for the lucky gardener to eat.  Wish it was me....ho hum.

Why do weekends have to end?


  1. Ahhh I wish the weekends can go on blissfully too. What a lovely stroll!

  2. Who was it that decided we needed to work 5 days and rest for only 2?

  3. What beautiful photos!!! You have such a great style :)

  4. How funny that we should both explore our local community gardens in the same week. Difference is, I knew mine was there - just hadn't taken my camera in. Glad I did this day. If you've not already seen it, look at my pic for March 23rd.


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