What sort of cake to bake?  That was my predicament last weekend.

Celebrating mine and my niece's birthday with some of the family this past Sunday, I wanted to make a special birthday cake.  Not being a great baker I don't have cake recipes up my sleeve that I can just whip out and rely on.  I tend to rely on the words of fellow bloggers or the experience I've had with various cookbooks in the past.  One of the blogs I follow which I've cooked a number of her dishes and had great success with is Hannah from Honey and Jam.  What a baker!  What a cook!  So going by my past experience with her recipes, I decided on -

Browned Butter Cake 
Chocolate and Cinnamon Icing

Check out my little baby.  I was so proud of her and look how tall she stands. 

Quite a firm textured cake which was quite filling so only a small slice is recommended and definitely a cake that needs a frosting of some sort.  I did think the burnt butter would come through in the flavour a lot more than what it did so was slightly disappointed with that aspect, but the frosting was delicious.  Finger licking delicious actually. 


  1. Oh it looks so grand! I love the crumb texture too. Beautiful images as usual :)

  2. Thanks GG - I was very impressed with myself.

  3. such a classic. It's an impressive cake! You deserve four thumbs up!


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