Fresh Air .

My apologies for my lack of posts recently.  Work has increased tenfold and my internet connection at home has decided to go and die on me (to be honest, after sitting in front of a computer all day at work, the last think I'm wanting to do when I get home is switch on another computer, so I'm kind of a little bit please - only a little bit though!)  Hopefully, I'll have it back up and running soon.

What I have been doing when I do get some extra time during the day, is go for walks.  Rugged up in my scarf and jacket, I love getting out, breathing in the crisp Autumn air.  It makes me smile.

This also made me smile - a little Gorilla Garden which has popped up on a walking trail near my home.

I LOVE Melbourne!

The golden glow of the sun setting just before the rain comes. Heading home to a hot bath and a cup of tea (or perhaps a red wine).

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