Fat !

It's no secret that I LOVE butter, however growing up in the society that we do where eating butter is frowned upon and anything labeled "low fat" is the holy grail, I have, over time, converted to this way of thinking unfortunately.  Deep down inside though, I know this isn't correct and I find myself gravitating to any information/facts that prove this feeling.  Once such piece of information I read recently was on The Stone Soup blog where she talks about a book she recently read called "Real Food" by Nina Planck’s - a journey to finding a balance between enjoying food and being happy with her waistline.

As hard as it is to change years of habit, I am going to try one step at a time to embrace, and more importantly, accept Plank's simple guidelines of:

REAL FATS ARE GOOD (even the maligned saturated fats) and INDUSTRIAL FATS ARE BAD

(Industrial fats include grain and seed oils such as corn oil, soybean oil, safflower and sunflower oils. They also include trans fats and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening)

With the recipe listed below (again from The Stone Soup website), I would out of habit bought "low fat" coconut milk without even thinking, perhaps wishing  I could purchase the "full fat" version, but not dare.  This time I did and I embraced it.  I didn't make myself feel guilty and I enjoyed every mouthful.

Coconut Chicken with Greens

I found I needed to cook my chicken a little longer as after 20 minutes it still wasn't quite done, but once I took that first mouthful, it was well worth the extra wait.  The chicken was sooo juicy and the smooth creamy texture of the "full fat" coconut milk was like a little bowl full of luxury.  Delicious!

PS...you can probably see that I also added some mushrooms - just cause I could!


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  2. I totally agree!! I have never believed that a product out of a laboratory like margarine could be better than then all natural butter.

    A few years ago a dietician Rosemary Stanton come out saying that low fat is often packed with sugar and other additives to make it more palatable. At the end of the day I eat all natural whole food, but in moderation. Even using full fat we are not supposed to exceed a maximum of 30gms daily. I woul rather get my 30gms from something like this delicious looking soup, or warm bread slathered in butter.
    I am looking forward to trying this dish, I think enoki mushroom would be amazing in it!

  3. Hi GG - completely agree with your comments, although I have to admit that I find myself automatically reverting to old habits....one step at a time!

  4. The recipe looks delicious! Come to Germany - or France - people love butter and it is harder to find low-fat butter in supermarkets!

    - Annika

  5. Thanks for your comment Annika - hopefully Australia follows Europe's lead in this area.


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