Cookbook Challenge #3

Number 3 already - I'm on a roll! 

It's so nice being back in the kitchen again AND enjoying being there.  So much better than cooking because you HAVE to.

Although with Melbourne experiencing 40 degree days at the moment, I have no interest in switching on my oven, so my recipe of choice for the third installment to my wee little challenge.......

Lavender Ice-Cream
by Skye Gyngell
Delicious Magazine

I have two very well loved cookbooks by Skye, however this particular recipe was pulled out of an old Delicious magazine.  Unfortunately I have no idea of which issue it was from or the year.  What I can tell you though, is it's a winner!

Made extra special by the lavender I brought back with me all the way from France.

It's like a Provincial Summer squished happily in a bowl.

Mmm....I'll take a bowl of that any day!

It melted very fast under the lights while I was snapping away....still yummy though!


  1. Hi Leigh - your link to Food on friday wasn't working and I couldn't find the recipe you were trying to link in so I put this one in for you instead. Feel free to link the other one in. Cheers

  2. OOOps I see you put this one in as well. Cheers


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