Cookbook Challenge #9


It's not a word I like. 

Having English parents, we grew up on stews and casseroles and I soon rebelled.  I refused to eat them.  Nothing to do with the food itself, I might add, but the word stew just didn't evoke a desire to eat.  At all!

Stew..Spew - that was what I called it.

Luckily I'm a grown up now.  I still call it "Stew Spew" but nowadays I eat it, and in fact I love, love, love it.

I love, love, love this recipe now also.....

Chicken Summer Stew
From Season to Season by Sophie Dahl

As I wanted (more like needed), this dish to be a one pot dish, I decided to add 2 small handfuls of basmati rice (at the time of returning the chicken back to the pan) as well as some rocket at the end for freshness.

This delightful dish came along with us to "Shakespeare Under the Stars" (along with the Roasted Tomato Mascarpone Soup, as seen here) and it was delicious eaten cold.

No more Stew Spew for me!


  1. You have to write a cookbook your images are just so gorgeous!! The Stew Spew looks pretty good too, I hated the idea of stew when I was a kid too :)

  2. haha - thanks for the confidence boost GG!


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