September Wrap Up !

Geez....October already!
Do you realise it's only 11 weeks until Christmas?!
Looking back at September, it was a really quiet month for me.  I still cooked up a storm in my kitchen, but with an emphasis on cooking without sugar, no baking occurred whatsoever in my kitchen!  I actually didn't think that was possible.  No cake, slice or biscuit batter was beaten, measured and poured lovingly into an cake pan.
Last month I found myself staying close to home, trying not to be too tempted by all the sugary indulgences out there in the big wide world.  It was actually kinda nice for a change.
Here's a little snapshot of what my quiet September looked like..........

(click on the picture to be taken to the recipe)
I did manage to still participate in September's Secret Recipe Club Challenge, with my Cilantro, Lime and Chicken Tacos
and did you know that a year ago today I was peddling my way around the Normandy countryside....big sigh!
How was your September?

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