October Wrap Up !

If there is one picture in my head that I recall vividly from October, it would be the beautiful purple jacaranda tree that hung over the back deck of a gorgeous little cafe we visited in Brisbane.
I can recall the amazing fresh, floral smell and the feel of the sun on my skin.

I can still feel and see it all.

October was also the month we celebrated my nephew's engagement ....

I saw my niece in action at her very own little business - She Bangs Coffee

I continued on my merry "no/low-fructose" way making some yummy, quick dishes....




... and my contribution to October's Secret Recipe Club was this simple little breakfast dish.

I'd love to hear what memory you have of your October!


  1. Hey Leigh!

    Gorgeous pictures matched with evocative descriptions as always - I love reading your blog, always.

    My October memory is of grinning, giggling Cambodian children screaming hello and waving as we cycled through the former Khmer-controlled Western region, an area with few foreign tourists which meant we were made to feel like celebrities everywhere we went.

    Cheers, Erin

    1. Haha...love it Erin! Everyone need a good dose of stardom now and then! x


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