A treat to tempt Santa ?

9 more sleeps until my favourite jolly fat man comes a callin'

He'd better bloody knock at my door as I've been one very good girl this year!

Perhaps I could tempt him with these little beauties.....

Sweet Potato Patties

These little patties turn out so delicately soft, light and fluffy.  Like eating little puffs of clouds.  They're perfectly paired with something crunchy and full of citrus, like a super fresh fennel salad with lots of lemon.

They also freeze really well in between pieces of parchment paper.  Just defrost in the fridge before popping into the pan to brown.  This makes for a super quick supper in minutes.

I'm ready Santa!


  1. Ooh I like the idea of leaving these for santa - in fact we had sweet potato fritters tonight that we just lovely so I can just imagine how much he would love them

    1. thanks for your comment Johanna - how good are they?!


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