Elegant Everyday Eating: Peanut Noodle Salad

I've been delving, researching and experimenting with foods that make me feel good.

Fresh, real food is wonderful and it's what I crave, however not all of it makes me feel "on top of the world" (I'll get into that a bit more at another time). 

One of the things I'm finding interesting at the moment is that certain foods, for me, need to be cooked.  Even just slightly steamed, but not eaten raw, which is what I would have naturally assumed would be the healthiest option.

I'm learning loads!

This is one of those dishes I've found that makes me feel great.......

Peanut Noodle Salad

Everything in this bowl is organic, including the peanut butter. 

How could I not love it.



  1. Sounds delicious! I love peanut butter, it never lasts long at home. I make my own, so hopefully it would work alright in this recipe!

    1. Hey Reanna - I'm a big fan too and I use my own also and it works perfectly. :)


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