The Baking Series: Buttermilk Cake V

Guess what.....I've just discovered one of the best buttermilk cake recipes that I have tasted in a long time....AND I'm giving you the recipe for it.

Am I good to you or what?!

This is one of those perfect recipes for when you need to make your cake in advance, when it needs to be smothered in a heavy icing, and when it needs to stand up strong after being kept in the fridge (you know how some cakes can get a little dry once it has hit the fridge?)

Buttermilk Cake with Vanilla Bean Butter Frosting

I guarantee you'll enjoy this cake as much as I did because the cake itself is moist and not overly sweet (even after leaving a slice in the fridge for three days it tasted exactly the same), however the vanilla bean butter frosting gives a nice sweet punch for all of those sweet tooth people out there.

You're welcome!


  1. Only 160 degrees???

    1. gosh! Thanks for pointing that out as it should be 175 degrees. I've fixed up the recipe now.

      Thanks again! :)


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