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Whether you're a new face or an old one, I'm honoured to have you here.


In short - I am a Melbourne based Taurean, recipe developer, student of nutrition and lover of all things French.


Chit Chat Chomp started life as a way for me to open up my millions of cookbooks, get creative and experiment in the kitchen.  Over the years, it has allowed me the immense pleasure of baking cakes and creating hors d'oeuvres for client's special occasions.  I have loved being part of and honoured to be invited into their homes to share these memorable experiences.  


Today, Chit Chat Chomp is all about my own personal health journey, and how the effects of 2 Autoimmune Diseases (Hashimoto’s and ITP), SIBO and a recent Thyroid Cancer diagnoses has led me to embrace recipes and ingredients that inspire, heal and nourish my thyroid, my gut, and in turn, my whole body. 


All of the recipes you'll find inside are free from gluten and refined sugars, with majority being dairy free also.  I’ve been on many food journey’s, so you'll find an abundance of Vegan and Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) recipes as well as loads of nutritional information and wellness tips that I have researched, experimented with and implemented into my life to help further support my body.


I share my love of whole foods, wellness and my healing journey in the simple hope that I can inspire others to step back into the kitchen and create their own health journey.


Obviously I love cooking!  I also love pots of tea, farmers markets, French jazz and lots of fresh flowers.  I love Winter spent rugged up under a knitted blanket and I love, love, love twinkling Christmas lights.  It's the little things in life that make me smile.  


I hope that taking a peek at Chit Chat Chomp  makes you feel inspired and makes you smile too.  


Happy cooking and happy healing!

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My Wellness Story

Today, the food I cook is all about my own personal health journey since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's , ITP (low blood platelets) and the big one - Papillary Thyroid Cancer in August 2019.

Being handed a prescription for a synthetic thyroid hormone by my GP back in 2013, I was told to simply get use to the ever present symptoms of fatigue, weight gain and bloating. I was told that this was my life now, and that one day soon I’d be under the surgeon’s knife having my thyroid removed.

Initially, the medication worked. My energy levels increased, stubborn weight dropped and I felt good. Unfortunately it didn’t last, and as the weight came back and the fatigue set in, I also broke out in hives.

Out of anger and desperation, having left a dermatologist’s office in tears, I stumbled across the on-line program - I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson. The words written in front of me gave me hope, and with final enrollment due that very same day – I signed up.

Quitting refined sugar was the first and probably most significant step I took towards healing my body, as it was the first time I truly realised how the food I ate mattered.

Over the next few years, my diet shifted towards a Paleo lifestyle, as well as 12 months following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), working closely with naturopath. Through her numerous and exhaustive tests, I discovered I was toxic with heavy metals, I had bromide toxicity (the inability to absorb ANY iodine), 2 parasites AND was significantly deficient in a number of minerals, including magnesium, silicon, chromium and potassium. I finally felt like I had answers and a plan of action.

Unfortunately, as 2019 dawned, I finally admitted that this currently lifestyle was no longer working for me. I had gained all the weight back, my thyroid antibodies were through the roof, I was diagnosed with SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) and a second Autoimmune disease - ITP (low blood platelets). And then on 8 August 2019, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Yep. Something DEFINITELY wasn’t working!

So 2019 is the year I changed everything.

I now follow a low fat 100% plant based whole foods diet and I’m delving deep into why my body created these diseases. These are all “lifestyle” diseases, meaning my lifestyle created them, and so my lifestyle could just “un-create” them!

I have a significant way to go on this journey of mine, but through the changes to my diet and lifestyle, I have so far been successful in significantly reducing symptoms and enjoying life once again. I finally feel like I’m on my way to 100% health. xx