AIP: Banana Bread

AIP:  Banana Bread



Cake.  Yes, it is possible to be on AIP and eat your cake too.  


Being a lover of baking cakes, making the decision to try the Autoimmune Protocol left me feeling deprived and depressed.  Was I ever going to eat cake again?  Or more to the point, was I ever going to grease a pan, whip up a batter and bake a cake again?



Focus: March

Focus:  March



I can't believe that the time has come to pack away my goals and focus for February and to dive into March.


Feb was an interesting month for me as it was more about looking inwards than dealing with the practical.  I have no issue looking inwards, but it's definitely a lot harder to tick a box or reach any tangible goals.  In the end, I just have to go with my gut and with how I was feeling - trusting the process.


So what's my plan for March, I hear you ask?