Fatigue | 4 Things I'm Doing



Struggling with fatigue?  


I hear you.  


Since coming back from France, fatigue has hit me in the face with a big baseball bat.   


Whether it was the long flight, jetlag (still?!) or the extra gluten, dairy and sugar that was added into my diet whilst away, I’m now paying the price.  So I wanted to share with you a couple of the simple, everyday things I’m “trying out” to help recalibrate my body and boost my energy levels.  


Perhaps they might help you too… 


Sleep.  Yes, I’m being a bit obvious here, but giving yourself every chance possible to get as much sleep as you can is my number 1 tip.  This includes the lead up to you finally closing your eyes.  I recently read most people take between 30-60 minutes to wind down each night, so for me, this has been including:

A warm shower/bath.  I’m loving nothing better than climbing into bed clean, warm and cosy, smothered in body cream.  For some strange and maybe weird reason, I love knowing my feet are scrubbed clean before they pop between the sheets.  No judgement please!

I’m physically climbing into bed by 9.30pm/10pm (even better if it is earlier!), knowing that I have a good 30-60 minutes ahead of me to read my book and/or do a quick 5 minute relaxation meditation.  Switching the lamp off by 10.30pm EVERY NIGHT means I’m giving my body a full 8 hours of sleep (whether it wants to sleep or not is another matter).

Eye mask.  My blinds do not completely block out light, so putting my eye mask on each night has become a little “night time ritual”.  It’s like ticking off a “Time to Sleep” checklist.

Ear plugs.  This might seem extreme, but putting in ear plugs each night is again another “night time ritual” of mine.  Even though my street isn’t a busy thoroughfare, my suburb can be quite a noisy place – especially on warmer nights.  Ear plugs simply help me to tune it all out.  It also means I can keep my window open! 


Eat early.  Did you know that late-night meals can apparently cause indigestion which interferes with sleep?  In my home, dinner is done and dusted by 7.30pm (except for a cup of tea, of course), which gives my body a good 2 hours to get digestion underway before I hit my pillow. 

Ditch the sugar.  Ok.  Maybe not so simple for some, but it’s a common fact that unbalanced blood sugars make you feel tired.  Period.  So I’m currently once again avoiding all refined sugars (I’m still eating a little low fructose fruit), and when I’m craving that hit of sugar (or in my case, a pain au chocolat), I’m instead reaching for high protein/good fat foods from avocados to nuts and eggs.

Essential oils.  To help stimulate and balance my hormones, metabolism and immune system I have been rubbing a drop of organic. therapeutic grade essential oil (with coconut oil) each evening to both my thyroid (base of the neck), my adrenals (lower back) and to the reflexology points on the bottom of my feet.  For my Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism, I have personally been using the oils peppermint and/or Young Living’s Endoflex (a specific blend for thyroid health).



How about you?  


What do you find works best or what are you currently trying?  I'd love to hear.