The Crown Chakra


I have so many thoughts, ideas and plans spinning round and round in my head.  I've written them down, I've gotten excited about them, and then nothing.  Zip.  That's as far as I get.


My house is spotless.  I've culled cupboards, I've even bought a new desk.  I've done everything BUT put my thoughts, ideas and plans into fruition.  Why?


Then during a recent reiki session, my practitioner mentioned how blocked my crown chakra was.


When imbalanced, you'll have feelings of being unsupported and alone.  Your thoughts will be spacy and all over the shop with no outcome or even no inspiration for an outcome.  You may also experience migraines and stiff joints. 


Me. Me. Me!


When in balance, you should feel vibrant, calm and centered.   The ability to easily manifest and put your dreams and plans into inspired action.


So to help me get balanced, I'm turning to meditation and my gratitude practices - like writing in my gratitude journal.  I'm upping my consumption of bone broth (see my recipe here), and I'm also using essential oils, including . . .


Frankincense | Used for achieving a tranquil state of mind, and helping with nervous system conditions.

Sandalwood | Helping to quiet the mental chatter of the mind, allowing clarity. 

Vetiver | A grounding, calming and stabilising oil, promoting relaxation and peacefulness.

Helichrysum | Used to ease headaches and migraine pain.

Rose | The highest spiritual frequency of all essential oils, bringing harmony to the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Lavender | Universal for all seven chakras, working to calm emotions and release pent up energy.