COOKBOOK: The Naked Vegan

The Naked Vegan - a title that makes you take a second look and a cookbook recently delivered to me by the good people of Murdoch Books.

Maz Valcorza is a no-nensense and funny lady who had me at "I ate Spam from a can", as I too laughingly remember eating spam from a can when I was younger - it was my mum's staple ingredient in her light Summer ham salad.

This cookbook is filled with raw vegan recipes, free of refined sugars and nasty fillers.  It uses food grown from the ground, free from animal products and which has not been heated to over 40-46 degrees.

I must state right here and now that I am in no way a vegan.  

In fact I'm far from it.  

Yes, I enjoy a green juice and a raw dairy-free cheesecake along with the next person, however give me a juicy organic, grass-fed steak smothered in a buttery bearnaise sauce and I'm a very happy gal.  I never say never though.



In being completely honest in my review, The Naked Vegan is not a cookbook I would purchase and take home to use myself.  For me, I want my cookbooks to have one recipe per page and I want photos for all of them.  I don't want too many words and I don't want too long an ingredient list.   

What I do LOVE about this cookbook is the time, effort and love that you can clearly see has been put into making each and every recipe what they are.  Some lists of ingredients may be a little on the long side for me, but you can understand that each of these elements plays an integral part, and Maz should be so proud of this.  

I also love her philosophy on eating organic food and mindfulness.  


"All we can do is educate ourselves, try out a bunch of things and see what works best."

 - Maz Valcorza


Maz uses coconut nectar as a sweetener in many of her recipes as it is low in fructose, low-GI and is rich in minerals and amino acids.  Personally, my sweetener of choice is rice malt syrup as it also has all of the above, but contains zero fructose.  Feel free to use your sweetener of choice.


This is the perfect book for all of those vegan's out there (of course) wanting a little inspiration in the kitchen, but also for any one new to this way of clean-eating - Maz will hold your hand all the way.


On sale 1 March 2016.


Disclosure:   I received the above product for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog, and social media.  Regardless, all words are my own honest opinions and I only recommend products or services I would use personally