A golden rule with salads . .

Salad.  A five letter word that sends my mum into the foetal position.

Yet, it’s a five letter word that makes me swoon.  Yes, I’m one of those strange people that actually likes to eat salads.  In fact, I LOVE salads, no matter the weather, no matter the ingredients.

However, I do believe there is one golden rule you can never deviate from when making a salad, which unfortunately many people fail to follow....

The dressing should be the star.

I’m not talking fancy ingredients that take hours to produce here….in fact, one of my everyday favourites is simply olive oil, lemon juice (lots of it) and sea salt.  Voila, a perfectly dressed meal in a matter of minutes that will have you craving more.

However, when you’re wanting to up the ante and impress, perhaps this silky smooth, protein rich little lovely might be your dressing of choice….