Pistachio + Cakes

A punch of lemon, the crunch of nuts and a soft, sticky texture - these little cakes are pure Summer in a white paper wrapper, waiting impatiently to be de-robed and gobbled greedily.

They stick to the wrappers a little, giving you total permission to indulge in the lady like ritual of "licking the paper".  A favourite past time of mine, normally completed behind closed doors, but when taken to a picnic on a hot Summers day.....bring it on, is all I'm sayin'.

Not only will you love the taste of these cakes, they're also topped with the "one-stop-shop" nut known by the name of pistachio.  Filled to the brim with fiber, protein and heart-healthy fat, the pistachio is one of the few nuts that contain most of the nutrients that are required by humans for complete health, including digestion health - just a little note for all you.out there suffering with hypothyroidism symptoms.

Need I go on....