Almond Meal



Almond Meal.  Probably my favourite gluten-free “flour” to bake with as I substitute it 1:1 with any plain flour recipe.

I absolutely love its soft and moist texture, however sometimes it does need a little hand to hold so it can keep its shape - like adding in a little buckwheat flour or perhaps some brown rice or quinoa flour.

To store, like all nuts, I keep enough almond meal/flour readily available in a glass jar in my fridge.  It will last for up to 6 months this way, although mine disappears a hell of a lot sooner as I bake A LOT!  The remainder, as I buy in bulk (soooo much cheaper to do so), gets stored in the freezer.

An additional bonus in using almond meal in your baking, (in addition to all of the healthy fats and vitamin E it contains), you’ll also find a good amount magnesium – absolutely essential for good thyroid health.  Did you know magnesium deficiency is related to enlarged thyroid glands?

And one of my favourite ways to use it ...