Magnesium + Thyroid

Did you know that our thyroids cannot function without magnesium?  It’s something I’m learning a lot about at the moment. 

It’s actually responsible for converting the inactive T4 thyroid hormone into the active form of T3, which is extremely important for those of us out there with hypothyroidism.  This is what affects our metabolism and is something I’m working on with my naturopath at this very moment, as it’s a depressing sight when you see your weight increasing as if by magic in such a short amount of time.

Magnesium rich foods include almonds, pumpkin seeds, chard, spinach and avocado, and even though cashew butter may not contain any omega-3 fatty acids (another thing I only recently learnt, doh!), 1 tablespoon of this deliciously sticky high protein spread does provide 13% of the recommended dietary allowance of magnesium for women.

I’m so glad I whipped it up and smothered these little gluten and refined sugar free cupcakes with it as a decadent, finger licking frosting!

Hmmm….better make some more…..