When I'm not hungry . .


When I’m not hungry, I know there is something wrong. 

It’s a crystal clear sign as normally you’ll find me with napkin and cutlery in place, ready for my next meal before it has even been prepared.

It seems my body has decided to act like a stubborn Taurean and do its own thing, no matter my efforts or good intentions. Basically, my metabolism has taken a hike and extra kilos have decided to pay me a little visit.

Oh joy.

I’m staying patient..sort of.. (can you hear my deep breathing from where you are?) and trying to be super good to my body and thyroid by stuffing it full of nutrient dense comfort foods.  During this time I’ve discovered there are 3 must haves:

1.   Food has to be super simple, because when I’m not hungry, I can’t be bothered cooking.

2.   There MUST be veggies, good fats and protein at every meal.

3.   It has to be bloody “out of this world” tasty.

This recipe’s ticking my boxes…..



You don’t have to have hypothyroidism to love this soup too.  Seriously!