Thyroid + Grains



I mentioned the other day that one of the most frustrating issues with having Hashimotos is the constant, ever present game I play with my weight.  It falls off me within a matter of days, and then what can feel like a matter of hours, be back with a vengeance.  No signals, no warnings, no SMS messages.


Sugar (well, the removing of it) was one of the big factors I changed in my “diet”.  The other;  grains.


Ho hum.


Seriously, I’d give my right arm to eat a fluffy French baguette all warm from the oven and smothered in salty butter, however it seems that for those of us with thyroid issues, these little grains can put unnecessary strain on (and inflame) our digestive system, inevitably leading to …da da daaaa….weight gain.


I recently discovered this little food pyramid from Satisfying Eats, which I just adore!  It paints a perfect picture of my current “how I’m dealing with my rollercoaster weight gain due to Hashimoto’s eating plan”.


One of my favourite “grain free” dishes I’m currently tantalizing my taste buds with…..