Buckwheat + A Biscuit


Something I read recently … “A healthy thyroid keeps the body warm, youthful, and energized”.  Hmm .. this ain't me anymore!

But I’m working on it!

One of the biggest things I decided to change in my diet about a year ago was to go 100% gluten free, and I’ve never looked back.  There was an almost instant difference in the way my body felt, especially in both my tummy and thyroid when I made the commitment to stop “fluffing” around the edges.  I’m not coeliac (I’ve been tested), but having experimented on myself with this subject for quite some time – gluten will not be passing these lips any day soon……not sure how I’ll go when I head back to France though….hmmmm…. 

Buckwheat flour (a brilliant gluten free flour alternative when baking), has a dense texture with a wonderfully nutty flavour, and works with almost anything (can be a little heavy depending on the recipe so I experiment with adding a little almond meal to keep the end result a little lighter and a little moist).   It contains a highly digestible protein, is high in fiber (brilliant for all those hypothyroid digestion problems out there) and is chock full of nutrients like zinc, magnesium (a must have for my metabolism at the moment), phosphorus and manganese.  Phew…I’m exhausted just writing this post.

Good thing that one of my favourite buckwheat flour recipes to make is a lot easier and quicker to whip up. 

Loved by gluten/non-gluten eaters alike, I swear you’ll love this recipe too.