A Plum Tart


About 2 years ago a dermatologist insisted that steroids were the answer to the mind-numbing “scratch till you bleed” rash that was taking over my body (and my patience).  

That was the day I left her office in tears (without the prescription) and stumbled across the I Quit Sugar website.  I was signed up to the program within minutes, and have never looked back.

By the end of the 8 week program, the rash had all but gone, my eyes shone, my skin glowed and I once again felt in control. 



I’m sharing the below recipe from the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook with you just to show how simple and mouth-wateringly delicious refined sugar and fructose free chocolate desserts can be. 

Seriously, you won't want to ever put that white processed sh*t into your body ever again once you sink your teeth into these little tarts.