Yoghurt Pot



The word pretty much sums up it, don’t you think?  Simple recipes and delicious food.  Really, how could you go wrong? 

However, this book is so much more than an everyday cookbook as it is also filled with sustainable practices from how to shop, cook and eat with ease and without waste whilst still nourishing our bodies.  It includes tips on how to buy in bulk, freeze, preserve and use up any and all leftovers.  An ultimate cooking guide for anyone wanting sugar out of their lives and planet-saving real food to eat.

One of my favourite ideas from this cookbook are the “Yoghurt Pots”. 

It really doesn’t get more simple than these my friends. 

A tote-able breakfast, lunch or snack that can be whipped up within minutes, filled to the brim with nutrition and adjustable to your own personal taste buds and heath factors.

My personal fav – the Waldorf Salad Yoghurt Pot.  Reminding me of my life-long love affair with New York City.  Did you know the humble Waldorf was created in NYC back in 1893by the maitre d’hotel of the Waldorf Astoria?  Just a little fact from me to you.  





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