Dairy + Hashimoto


It was inevitable.  I knew it, but ignored it. 

My new thyroid naturopath recently confirmed it. 

 It was time to say bye-bye to cow’s milk dairy.


 It has nothing to do with having a diary intolerance/allergy, but what my researching has been telling me (and what I’ve been ignoring), and what my naturopath has confirmed is that a number of proteins found in cow’s milk (including casein, casomorphin, butyrophilin and whey) closely resemble gluten proteins, which  can actually cause a similar immune response in the body of someone with Hashimotos.

 So basically, it’s time for me to remove all autoimmune triggers to simply help me get “back on track”.

 My initial thought process was ok, I can do this, while my fist pumped my chest.  I love almond milk lattes and I’m not a huge cheese eater at the best of times, but I’ll still keep butter as really I don’t eat a lot of it.  However, I then read the following line and laughed out loud…… “Being ‘sort of dairy free’ is like being ‘sort of pregnant’. It’s not a real thing.”

Luckily for me I’m a BIG BIG lover of coconut milk and am already a “shout from the rooftop” advocate for its many health benefits.  It’s abundantin many B vitamins (for providing energy to the cells), vitamins C and E (to help boost our immune system),  and is rich in the wonderful “must have” for those suffering the effects of Hypothyroidism – magnesium.

 And if I can still eat dishes like this wonderful Prawn + Coconut Curry, then all should still be good in the world.  Shouldn’t it?


 **Note - I use an organic coconut milk with no added guar gum **