I have Hashimotos.  

It's an autoimmune disease that affects my thyroid gland.  That little butterfly-shaped ball located at the base of my neck where a lot of important activities take place, from controlling metabolism, female hormones and energy levels. Basically, everything that makes you feel good.

Jeez Louise!

One of the first and best things I did when I found out was to QUIT SUGAR (an absolute must, I believe, if you also have Hashimotos).  What my research has been teaching me and what my body has been telling me ever since that date is that sugar causes absolute havoc on the digestive tract, leading to “leaky gut” (a joy I’ve been dealing with for the past year) and which in turn can then trigger the development of autoimmune diseases….and round and round the cycle goes.

The I Quit Sugar Program was instrumental in helping me through this time, and still to date, Sarah Wilson’s numerous books and website help keep me focused and inspired.

With my hand on my heart, I don’t think I could have quit the white stuff without it.

The recipe below may be a savoury one, but it’s an brilliant example of just how simple and flavourful cooking with real ingredients can be.  Just like every recipe you’ll find in any of Sarah’s cookbooks.



One-Pot Wonders

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