3 ANZAC Biscuit Alternatives . .


Have you, like me, had to recently say au revoir to gluten?  


Also, like me, have you just realised that it's the ANZAC long weekend upon us and ANZAC biscuits, filled with delicious oats, won't be touching your lips?




Never fear my friends, I may have just the answer you've been looking for......3 quick to whip up biscuit recipes, filled to the brim with nutritious ingredients and not a drop of gluten in sight.  They may not be ANZAC biscuits and they may not contain oats, but they're still bloody good to eat with a hot cup of tea, and really, isn't that all that matters?


1.  Walnut, Date + Rosemary Biscuits



These biscuits have the same crunch as an ANZAC biscuit, yet these babies are filled with antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and packed with vitamin E, helping to lower your blood pressure and make your skin glow from the inside.


2.  Nut Butter Biscuits



These are the biscuits I want with my cup of tea.  They're simple, plain, dry and with only a hint of sweetness.  If you prefer more of a sweet punch, simply up the syrup content.  Voila.  My one little  tip....eat them on the day you bake.


3.  Lemon Chia-Seed Cookies



Surprisingly light in texture, due to the whisked egg whites, these biscuits are also very low on the sweetness scale.  However, their lovely fresh flavour from the lemons makes them the perfect match to an "after lunch" cup of tea.  



Happy ANZAC day everyone and happy baking!