Should you quit sugar?

Should you quit sugar?


It’s a big, and somewhat daunting question.


 Perhaps you could ask yourself this:

  • Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?
  • Do you need something sweet after lunch and/or dinner?
  • Are you unable to eat just one slice of cake or one piece of chocolate and then walk away?
  • Do you have hypothyroidism and wonder if quitting sugar might make a difference?


 If you ticked yes to the above (I ticked yes to all!) then perhaps sugar is playing a bigger role in your health and your life than you thought.


For those of you, like me, with an autoimmune (AI) disease (I have Hashimoto’s), quitting sugar could potentially change your life.  That might sound a little dramatic, but that’s exactly what it did for me.   How my body feels today compared to a few years ago .... no comparison.  I no longer slump at my desk of an afternoon, I no longer need to snack between meals (food freedom is a brilliant feeling my friends), and my hashimoto symptoms, even though still present, are nowhere near the level they were.  It has taken me a few years to get to this point, but basically, chocolate and cake no longer have a hold on me.  I can happily pass them by without a backward glance.


 These comments may be purely based on my own personal experience, however because of this, I sing the benefits of quitting of sugar from the rafters.


 Still hesitant?


 Perhaps the fact that sugar plays havoc with your gut may pique your interest?


 Blood sugar imbalances are a major cause of inflammation in our digestive tract, and can cause leaky gut” (literally, a perforated gut lining).  This, in turn can trigger the development of AI as toxins are able to pass through the perforations straight into the bloodstream.


 Whether you have an AI or not, do you seriously want a leaky gut?



The reason for my rambling……the next I Quit Sugar 8 week Program is about to begin, 9th June.


 Seriously.  What have you got to lose and more importantly, what could you gain?



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