3 Tips for a Healthy Thyroid

Suffering the horrible effects of thyroiditis?  I hear ya sista!


For me it varies, from a swollen/sore thyroid, a splitting headache and extreme lethargy to dry skin, mood swings and the desperate wanting to curl up in a ball and not interact with anyone!


Chatting about these symptoms with my everyday GP last year, I was told there was nothing I could do – this was just “how it was”.  Seriously????


So you guessed it, I started to research this fact for myself. 


I turned to whole, organic foods and I listened to my body…very closely.  Straight away I implemented 3 simple everyday steps into my daily routine as an experiment.  So far, I haven’t looked back.  Perhaps you may also like to experiment with them?  I figure, anything is worth a shot when trying to support your healthy thyroid.


1.       Eliminate gluten!   Studies have shown that one in three people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are sensitive to gluten.  Whether I’m one of them or not, I’ve kicked gluten to the curb and have never been happier.  The more and more research I do on gluten has helped solidify my decision of removing it from my diet.  To be honest with you, even if I didn’t have Hashimoto’s, I think I would have stopped eating it anyway!


2.       Selenium.  Absolutely essential for a healthy thyroid (and something I’ve discovered my body is severely deficient in – through seeing my naturopath).  Did you know that you can get the recommended 200mcg of selenium simply by eating 2-3 organic brazil nuts daily?


3.       Filtered drinking water only!  This is apparently essential for stopping chlorine and other harmful chemicals from being ingested, which unfortunately can suppress the thyroid and block iodine from being absorbed.  This is something close to my heart as it is currently what my body is doing – blocking iodine absorption.  Again, through the help of my naturopath, I’m working on this as iodine is an essential element needed for our bodies to produce thyroid hormones.



These are 3 steps that I have personally put in place in my life through my own research, through guidance from natural practitioners and of course experimentation.  I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have truly felt their benefit.


And so in honour of tips number 1 and 2, here is my gluten and refined sugar free granola recipe, filled with plenty of selenium to see you through your mornings.  It's also a great breakfast that will keep for a week in an airtight jar - perfect for those mornings when you're feeling "hypothyroid" and just can't face the kitchen.....


Love to hear what works for you?