3 recipes to spoil mum . .


No idea how to celebrate and spoil your mum this Mother’s Day?


Perhaps you’re a little like me and dislike buying “material” stuff that you know your mum doesn’t need or want, but because she’s way too polite to tell you so, she will smile, accept it, display it and then allow it to inevitably end up gathering dust. 


My favourite way to spoil people in my life is with either an activity – this could be from a yummy meal out, or perhaps a show or visit to a museum, OR it’s from my heart in the form of food. 


I personally love someone else cooking for me (rarely happens, I might add….hint hint), so I love to whip something up for others that can be either serve to them in bed with a big cup of tea, eaten with them whilst sitting at a beautifully laid table with napkins and flowers, or package up with a big red bow.


No matter what toots your horn, your mum will love anything you cook for her…trust me!


So my gift to you (and your mum) this Mother’s Day are these 3 simple gluten-free breakfast recipe ideas…..


You’re welcome!


This granola can be made in advance, eaten in bed with book in hand, or presented lovingly in a big glass jar wrapped in a bow.  (see recipe here)



A perfect brekkie to be slowly eaten from the comfort of your bed or sitting with your family at the dining table, covered in fresh flowers and pots of flowing coffee.  (see recipe here)



The breakfast of champions - oeufs en cocotte - which will have your mum filled to the brim with nutrition, protein and good fats – she’ll have energy for the entire day after this breakfast.  (see recipe here)