Grains + Legumes


So no grains and legumes, huh!


No problemo.  I've been off gluten for over a year now and kicked refined sugar to the curb over 2 years ago.  Grains and legumes.  Easy peasy.


And then I thought about it.


I thought about the brown rice I have cooked and frozen in my freezer for emergency meals.  I thought about the simple mid-week meal I often whip up of roasted pumpkin and chickpeas.  I thought about how I use white beans as a simple quick "mash" instead of cooking up potatoes. And I also thought about the lentil salads I loved, especially when using my favourite legume of all...du puy lentils.


Holy cow!  To say I'm now overwhelmed is an understatement.


So I've had my melt down and have now pulled up my big girl panties.  It's now time for research.  What do grains and legumes do to our bodies when we have an autoimmune disease?  


Have you ever heard about lectins?


I had no clue that it is a natural pesticide that lives in plants to help them survive things like bacteria and viruses.  Basically, it's a natural toxin.  It's also a sticky substance, which can unfortunately cause problems in our intestines when we ingest it - getting stuck and eating away at the walls.  Voila...leaky gut! (see more about leaky gut here and here)


Foods with the highest amount of lectins are, you guessed it, grains and legumes, with both wheat and soy beans being at the top of the list.  Other contributors include nightshades, oils made from seeds and GMO foods.


What I'm slowly discovering through chatting to my naturopath is that anyone with an autoimmune disease should seriously think about removing lectins from their diet, giving their body a rest and helping it to heal and reduce inflammation.


Now I'm a big believer in that we're all different and no "one diet" fits us all.  I'm also a big believer in giving things a try and seeing how my body feels about it.  It's the most truthful answer you'll get as your body won't lie.  I've been grain and legume free for only a short time now and already my tummy feels a little lighter.  I've been more satisfied between meals and I've not craved anything sweet at all.  Yes it's only the very beginning, but already I'm seeing positive benefits.


I told you, your body won't lie.


And if not eating grains and legumes tastes anything like this, then I think I may just make it.



How about you?  Are you also off grains and legumes?  


How are you going?  


I'd love to hear your tips and any support you might have.