Blackberries + Paris


Blackberries.  I've not found them to be so plump, sweet and berry like in flavour than the one's I enjoy when in France.


Big, juicy blackberries where the little pips get stuck in your teeth and the juice dribbles down your chin, staining your lips.


So what to do with the extra basic raw chocolate you've just made?


You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know where I'm going with this....yep, add in a blackberry!


By simply adding just 1 plump blackberry, you've added a little sweetness, a little texture and a whole lot of goodness for your body, as they're a wonderful source of insoluble and soluble fibre, essential for our digestive system to work optimally.


A brilliant treat to indulge in for those of us living with the symptoms of Hashimoto's or any gut issues.


And guess what?


In just a few weeks time, I'll be dribbling that sweet French black juice down my chin once again.


Ahhh we come!