HOW TO: Cauliflower Rice



It's not a new concept, and it's definitely not my concept, but I'm a lover and wanted to share how mind-blowingly easy and delicious Cauliflower Rice is.


Whilst I'm currently off grains while my tummy heals (yep, even the gluten free grains), and whilst it's at its peak and in season, cauliflower rice has been a staple in my home.  Not only is it sooo good for our bodies (see here) it's been a wonderful addition to mid-week stir-frys or served alongside a slow cooked casserole made on the weekend.


However you want to eat it, it takes only two steps.


Yep, just 2!


1.  Break the head of a cauliflower into rough chunks (I use the core also..why waste?)

2.  Place into your food processor and pulse until broken down and rice grain size.


I keep mine in an air-tight jar in the fridge for a week ready to use raw as a replacement for grains/cous-cous in salads, or gently cooked in a frying pan (my personal choice) with a little coconut oil or butter over a medium heat before covering with a lid for a few minutes, until just tender.  Voila!