Essential Oils + Parasites



Phase 2 of “Terminate The Boris’”


Since finishing the course of antibiotics from my GP, I’ve been concentrating on holistic remedies to “terminate” the two parasites currently taking up residence in my body.  Boris and Boris Jnr.  As mentioned in Phase 1 (see here), I haven’t been tested as yet to see if the antibiotics did the job, so until then, I’m continuing my assult, and my weapon of choice...Essential Oils.


In particular, Oregano Oil and DiGize Oil by Young Living.


Oregano Essential Oil is an extremely volatile and anti-parasitic oil that is powerful in its ability to detox the body of parasites.  I’ve been experimenting with two drops of this oil in a gel capsule three times per day, and have also used a single drop on a teaspoon of coconut oil each morning for my morning oil pulling ritual (more info on this practice soon).  I am doing this process for 21 days, then after a 2 week break, will resume once again in the hopes to kill off any pesky little eggs that may have hatched.  Ick!


DiGize Essential Oil is a blend of pure tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper, anise, fennel, patchouli and lemongrass, which I have been using topically.  Each morning and night, I rub a drop each onto the bottom of my feet (with some coconut oil), as well as also rubbing 1-2 drops onto my tummy 3 times per day.  DiGize contains nutritious herbs so you can’t overdose.  Rub on as much as you like (unless pregnant).



Of course, from day dot of being informed of having the parasites, I’ve also been diligently supporting my gut, as naturally as possible, by:


Avoiding anything that causes inflammation - this includes all sugars, grains, legumes, glutens and dairy.

Taking my probiotic every day.

Taking herbal supplements (given by my naturopath) to help support my intestines.

Eating more garlic, pumpkin seeds and coconut oil, which have been used traditionally to kill parasites.

Upped my water intake to flush out my system.

Enjoying Epsom salt baths, dry body brushing and oil pulling to help with the detox.




I'd love to hear from you if you've gone through this yourself - perhaps what you tried and what worked for you?



Note – Oregano oil is not recommended for long-term use, for children under 12, or to be taken during pregnancy or lactation