HOW TO: Basic Raw Chocolate

Chocoholic.  Nope, not me.


In my past life I was what you’d call a lolly-oholic.  I could inhale bags of jelly frogs and snakes in a heartbeat, and would you believe that I thought this was the healthier choice….because I wasn’t eating fat!  Jeez Louise!


Now in my current life, I’ve turned to chocolate.  But not just any chocolate.  You’ll find none of those sugar laden supermarket brands in my trolley.   No siree.  All you’ll find are 4 simple, no-fuss, organic ingredients:


Coconut oil or butter

Raw cacao powder

Rice malt syrup

Himalayan salt


Yep, that’s all folks. 


This is all you need to make your very own rich and decadent treat, and depending on your mood, you can add stuff.  Good stuff.  From nuts and nut butters to coconut and raspberries.  Be free.  The world is your oyster.


Unlike the chocolate you’ll find in the supermarket isles, your body will actually thank you for this treat as by eating organic raw cacao powder, you’ll be giving your body a loving boost of magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, potassium, copper and manganese.  Not to mention the antioxidant rich flavonoids and the B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, C, E vitamins.


Eating raw cacao can help lower insulin resistance and blood pressure, help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and help repair the damage caused by free radicals (from environmental pollution and toxins), as well as the lovely boost it gives to your mood.


The quantity of the 4 ingredients you use can be adjusted to suit your own taste buds, but as a starting off point, may I suggest:


Happy eating! x