Raw Organic Cacao + 4 Recipes


Well hello there lovelies,


Tell me something.  Are you feeling a little sluggish now that Winter has been with us for a little while? 


Perhaps you’ve been experiencing fatigue, apathy, insomnia and irritability?


Maybe craving a little more energy in your life, pep in your step, clarity and focus?


My hands are in the air….hell yeah!


Can I also ask, have you perhaps thought it might simply be due to a lack of Magnesium in your diet?  Hunh!


I’m absolutely astounded at the amount of problems out there that arise in our bodies when we’re deficient in magnesium, this includes, but is in no way limited to:


Thyroid problems (low or high)


Muscle aches


Tingling in the extremities

Anxiety and depression




High blood pressure

Heart palpitations


I only point this out to you because as confirmed by my naturopath, I'm deficient, so I’ve been munching on whole, organic foods high in the stuff from almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach and avocado (see more about magnesium and your thyroid here).  But did you know that raw organic cacao is a brilliant source also!   Hallelujah!


So my gift to you today ….


4 recipes filed with antioxidant rich raw organic cacao.

4 recipes to add the pep back into your step.

4 recipes to get you through the Winter chill.

4 recipes filled to the brim with energy boosting magnesium.