5 Tips for Staying Grounded


The countdown has well and truly begun my friends, and if you’re anything like me, your living in an utter state of bliss surrounded by twinkling fairy lights, the smell of Christmas trees and general festive merriment.


So how can you stay grounded, balanced and centred during this time of year when you want or need to do everything and be everything for everyone? 


For me personally, having Hashimoto’s and dealing with the festive season have had their positive and negative effects.  Negative – because my energy levels are just simply nowhere near where they use to be.  I just physically and mentally can’t keep up the same pace anymore – which has been a huge positive in my life, as it has forced me to slow right down and get very, very clear about what is important and what my priorities are. 


Staying centred is a crutial component of our mental and emotional health and it can have a huge impact on our overall wellbeing.  When not centred, our stress levels being to rise - potentially triggering stress eating, broken sleep and limited self-care routines.   


Over these last few years I’ve learned a thing or two which I wanted to share with you today – tips that might help or inspire you to get grounded, balanced and centred.  It’s time to stop feeling so overwhelmed and start enjoying the little things in life. 




My 5 Tips for Staying Grounded


1.  Non-Negotiables | These are those things in your life that are must-have’s.  Things that you prioritise for your health, happiness and wellbeing. They could be daily, weekly or monthly tasks that make you feel amazing.  For me this includes climbing into bed by 9.30pm (at the latest) each night with my book.  Waking early and spending lazy weekend mornings in bed with my cup of tea.  Walking to work each morning in the fresh air and sunshine, as well as putting aside a few hours on a Sunday to prep my meals for the week ahead.  Each one of these routines make my hear soar.  What are your non-negotiables?   

2.  Create Routines | Creating simple routines has been one of the most wonderful and effective things I’ve done for staying grounded. This could include one for your mornings, evenings, weekends and exercise.   Ideally, find that time of day where you are stressed or feel off-kilter, and create a little routine around it.  For example, in the past when I’d had a tough day, I would often arrive home and head straight for the fridge – stuffing my tummy but never feeling satisfied (or centred).  No amount of food helped, and I would wake the following morning feeling even worse.  Now, my routine consists of walking through the door, putting on the kettle, changing into comfy clothes as the kettle boils, and then laying with my legs up the wall for 5 minutes with my herbal tea by my side.  As simple as that!  What a wonderful way to transition from your working day to your evening.

3.    Sleep | When we’re busy, sleep is often the first thing to go. For me, sleep is one of my non-negotiable because when I don’t get enough, my Hashimoto symptoms flare and my energy slumps.  It’s not a pretty sight!  If this is also you, perhaps start an evening routine of winding down an hour earlier than usual by switching off the TV and your phone.  Stop eating a few hours prior to bed (you want your body to rest and repair, not digest while sleeping).  Perhaps include an Epsom salt bath or a warm shower to your routine – signalling that “you’re ready for sleep”.  Switch on your bedroom diffuser, adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils to help create a relaxed and peaceful environment.  For me, the routine of putting on my eye mask, putting in my ear plugs and rubbing magnesium oil on my tummy are my body’s signals for sleep.

4.    Mindfulness |  Creating little mindful habits in my day has definitely helped me along my pathway of achieving balance.  Especially during busy times when my brain is in overdrive.  One such habit is when I make a cup of tea (which is often), I slow down, take a breath and just stir – thinking only of the cup of tea in front of me and the aroma that wafts up.  It lasts all of a few seconds, but those few seconds are all I need to adjust my energy and get centred.

5.    Acceptance | Please always remember that you don’t have to be perfect.  None of us are or ever will be, so don’t ever let failure get you down.  Failure is vital for all of us to learn and grow! Accept this, dust yourself off and simply give it another try.