5 Toxic Free Things To Do - Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day.


The perfect opportunity for a little love and self-care. 


Unfortunately though, many products geared to this day are loaded with chemicals, sugar and other impurities.


5 Favourite Toxic Free Things to do This Valentine’s Day !

  1.  Ylang Ylang | Ditch the toxic candles and diffuse this romantic essential oil, helping to lower stress + relieve anxiety – great for first dates or for those needing a little extra spark

  2. My Blackberry Chocolate | Gluten, dairy, grain and refined sugar free AND bloody addictive!  Find the recipe here.

  3. Bath Time | Add a few drops of beautiful Geranium essential oil to a luxurious Epsom salt bath – not only a delicious scent, but also supportive for the skin and the female reproductive system. Check out my tips on taking a bath with essential oils here and here!

  4. French food | Does it really get any better, and need I say anymore?! Sharing my gluten-free Coq au Vin recipe here!

  5. Get Outdoors | Ditch the couch and romantic movie and get your butt outside for some fresh air, exercise and a good dose of Vitamin D.  Great for those endorphins!