7 Ingredients Always in my Kitchen


Ok.  So it’s no secret that I’m a planner and a list maker.  I thrive on routine.  So when it comes to meal prep – I’m pretty bloody good, if I say so myself.


I do realise however, that not everyone is like me.  I sometimes wonder why not … but I get it.


So for those of you NOT like me – then this post is just for you!


7 Ingredients Always in my Kitchen


Making sure these 7 go to ingredients are constantly in stock in your fridge and cupboards, means you have the basis of multiple dishes that you can quickly throw together.


1. Bone Broth Concentrate | When pushed for time and making bone broth is the furthest from your mind – a teaspoon of organic bone broth concentrate is the answer.  I add to soups, stir-fry’s and casseroles and when in need of something warm and soothing – I just heat up a teaspoon with filtered water for a cup of warming bone broth.

2. Tinned/Smoked Fish | Packed in 100% olive oil – this is my “back up” food for those times when the cupboard is bare.  I add to any leftover veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will happily eat on its own when push comes to shove. 

 3. Coconut Milk/Cream | My dairy replacement of choice which I use to add some good fats to my smoothies and for a creamy, satisfying curry.  I love adding to my cup of tea and when whipping up a creamy cauliflower or sweet potato dish.  When short on time….I love to heat up a cup of milk with a little bone broth concentrate and whatever veggies/protein might be hanging around in my fridge and voila….a creamy, comforting bowl of soup.

4. Frozen Berries | These low-fructose gems are a saviour in my home when a sweet craving hits.  I love whizzing some up with a little coconut milk for a superfast “mousse/ice-cream/sorbet”  Whatever you want to call it – it hits the spot!  Frozen raspberries popped straight into your mouth….oh my.  What a treat.

5. Green Leafy Veggies | Green leafy vegetable can ALWAYS be found in my fridge from Swiss chard and kale to spinach and bok choy – if there is just one veggie you should buy – then these nutrient-packed leaves are it.  For me personally, there is always a container of cooked leaves and fresh in my fridge, ready to be added straight into my breakfast and/or lunch box or straight into the pot when cooking dinner.  Even a simple bowl full of steamed greens drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and Himalayan salt is a dish from the Gods.

6. Fats | Open my cupboard and the first thing you’ll see is coconut oil and olive oil, as it’s rare for a meal of mine not to include one of these wonderful fat sources – helping to keep me satiated all day and to help soothe and heal my gut.   

7.  Himalayan Salt | Since dealing with Bromide Toxicity (see here), I’m head over heels in love with this salt.  With its 72 trace minerals, a sprinkling gets added to EVERY meal of mine.




Now for the test ...


If I was in my kitchen and all that was in front of me was the above 7 ingredients – what could I make?  


  1. Big bowl of coconut milk soup with some fresh greens and a teaspoon of bone broth concentrate – tinned/smoked salmon an optional extra

  2. Teaspoon of bone broth concentrate in a cup of water with shredded greens. Perhaps blitz in the blender for a yummy nutrient-dense green broth

  3. Sauteed greens in coconut oil with a tin tuna or some smoked salmon on top

  4. Greens cooked in a little coconut milk and bone broth concentrate for a simple version of “creamed spinach”

  5. Kale leaves tossed in olive oil and Himalayan salt and baked in the oven for crunchy chips (see recipe)

  6. Tinned/smoked fish mixed with some shredded cooked greens wrapped in fresh large green leaves for a grain-free take on rice paper rolls

  7. Tinned fish, drained and topped with a dollop of whipped coconut cream

  8. Coconut cream whizzed together with frozen berries and then popped back into the freezer for a delicious ice-cream/sorbet

  9. Berries heated with a splash of water until nice and jammy – drizzled over some whipped coconut cream

  10. Fresh greens, berries and coconut milk whizzed together in your blender for a satiating smoothie





Inspired yet?


Over to you.  What would you make?