7 Tips to Enjoy Bath time


Ok.  So I kinda figure that you all already know how to bathe, however I often here from others about how they just don’t enjoy taking baths. 


Seriously?  WTF?


As you guessed, I personally don’t get it as I’m a BIG mother f*cking fan of baths and will make any excuse to jump in one, but this comment did get me thinking. 


What is it about baths that I love?


What makes taking a bath so special to me?





So here are my 7 tips to help you indulge and enjoy a blissful bath.


Set the Mood | Soften the lights and play some soothing music of your choice softly - the key being softly – you don’t want it to intrude or stimulate.  My personal preference is some mellow French jazz.

Exfoliate | While your bath fills, try exfoliating your body with a dry body brush to help detoxify.  There’s something so luxurious about climbing into a warm bath with your skin all tingly after brushing.

Timing | Aim to soak for at least 15 to 20 minutes.  The perfect balance, I think.

Hydrate | A glass of wine is a lovely accessory in the bath, however a glass of water is so much more refreshing and hydrating, especially around the half way point when the Epsom salts kick in.

Mist | Spritzing an aromatic mist onto your face and shoulders is a brilliant mid-bath refresher too.  At the moment, I’m using the Herbivore Rose Mist.

Smile | Relax and let go of your thoughts and cares.  There is nowhere else you need to be right at this very moment, so sit back and enjoy.

Nourish | After hoping out of the bath, smother your skin with a body oil while it's still damp, allowing yourself a minute or two to get grounded once again.  I’m currently using a delicious blend of apricot kernel oil with Frankincense essential oil