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AIP Winter Salad

AIP Winter Salad

When I make a salad, I want it to be the main meal.  The star.  I never want to be hungry after eating one and I don’t ever want to be left feeling empty, pathetic and deprived (ok, maybe a little dramatic, but you get my drift).

So over the years, I’ve develop a few basic “rules” when it comes to making my salads . . .

HOW TO: Apple Sauce

HOW TO:  Apple Sauce



Am I right in saying that so many "healthy" recipes these days are sweetening their cakes/muffins with applesauce?  


So what to do when getting your hands on organic apple sauce with NOTHING ELSE ADDED is harder than you think . . .



HOW TO: Coconut Milk - Milk Alternative

HOW TO:  Coconut Milk - Milk Alternative


Are you starting, or thinking about starting the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) yourself? 

Or perhaps on the lookout for a dairy free milk substitute?

Look no further my lovely friend.




HOW TO: Basic Raw Chocolate

HOW TO:  Basic Raw Chocolate

Chocoholic.  Nope, not me.


In my past life I was what you’d call a lolly-oholic.  I could inhale bags of jelly frogs and snakes in a heartbeat, and would you believe that I thought this was the healthier choice….because I wasn’t eating fat!  Jeez Louise!


Now in my current life, I’ve turned to chocolate.  But not just any chocolate.  You’ll find none of those sugar laden supermarket brands in my trolley.   No siree.  All you’ll find are 4 simple, no-fuss, organic ingredients: