Adrenal Health + Your Metabolism



Suffering the effects of a slow metabolism, like me?


When my pants get tight, that’s when I know things are not working as they should be in the thyroid department.


3 major factors contributing to my slow metabolism and weight gain, due to having Hashimoto’s, include:


1.  Liver health (see here)

2.  Thyroid health (see here)

3.  Adrenal health


Today I’m finishing up with number 3 - Adrenal health


Don’t underestimate these 2 little walnut sized glands that sit on top of our kidneys, producing a variety of hormones and chemicals including adrenaline, oestrogen, progesterone, steroids and cortisol, just to name just a few.   When our adrenals are overworked and our body produces either too much or not enough of these hormones – it prepare for disaster and stores fat.  In turn we crave more and more food, our energy levels slump and alas, we gain weight.


According to Dr. Josh Axe, these two little walnuts have a huge impact on our metabolism, by:


  • Helping regulate our body’s response to stress (from a car accident to a paper cut)

  • Helping our body decide what it does with the fuel/food we’ve consumed - do we store it as fat? Or do we burn it as energy?

  • Helping with the distribution of stored fat in our body – especially around the waist

  • Helping regulate the release of glucose - either to stimulate or slow down our body’s metabolic rate


Did you know that if we nourish our body during times of stress with the right foods – we will not store as much fuel as we burn?


So how can we help support our adrenals and kick start our metabolism once again?



Seek help | Consulting with a holistic practitioner about the right support and supplements for your body and your adrenals, I believe, is paramount - and can save you a lot of time, energy and money in the long run


Disconnect | Consider slowing down and restoring balance to your life by turning off technology by 8pm each evening.  Put the mobile phone down and switch off the computer and television.  Perhaps listen to some music, read a book or take an Epsom salt bath instead


Eat Wholefoods | Eating well-balanced meals during times of stress is crucial (remember – this determines if our body stores the food we eat as fat or burns it as fuel).  Consuming lots of fresh vegetables, leafy greens, good quality fats and protein can significantly help balance your blood sugar levels


Don’t Eat Late | Try and help correct your messed up circadian rhythm (trouble sleeping through the night?) by eating less food late in the day 


Movement | Moving your body everyday gently from walking in the park, tai chi, or a yin yoga class can significantly help reduce stress.  However, this will only work if we are not already exhausted.  When exhausted, this is a sign our adrenals are already working overtime and adding excessive exercise can simply add further stress


Laugh | Make having fun a priority.   Nothing beats a good belly laugh for helping to reduce stress