AIP: 3 Month Update!



Howdy all,


Just a quick little AIP progress update, now that I’m at the three month mark.  Yep, 3 months already.  Holy cow!


So how do I feel?


To be perfectly frank - not great.  I’m unsure if I’m fighting a bug as all my colleagues drop off around me, or if I’m experiencing a flare.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to tell the difference as they feel exactly the same – bloated tummy, fatigued beyond belief, swollen thyroid and a rash under my armpits….oh joy of joys.


It’s hard to be grateful and positive when you feel like this.


Tomorrow will hopefully be another day.


Personally, I’d hoped (and my naturopath actually wanted me) to start introducing foods by now.  It’s just not gonna happen….yet.  As much as I’m dying to add a little more variety to my life, I don’t want to rush the process and ruin all my good work.  Most days I feel significant better, especially in the tummy region, and on those days I consider that maybe, just maybe it’s time…..and then in the next breath, it’s time to curl up in bed exhausted.  Yes, fatigue’s still plaguing me big time.


Patience is something I’m desperately trying to hold on to  - Some days are better than others.  As you can tell, this ain’t one of those days.


I’m missing going to coffee shops on weekends for brunch with my friends, or simply picking up an almond milk latte to hold in my hands.  I’m missing fluffy mashed potatoes and potato chips…jeez, don’t even get me started on potato chips!  I’ve also noticed I’m whinging a lot too lately.


Tomorrow will hopefully be another day.


On a positive note, however – I have made a decision to tweak my diet just a little.  I already eat a sh*t load of veggies (yep, even for brekkie), but I’m upping the ante.  Yep, I’m adding more veg to my plate and lowering the  protein portion (especially the red meat) down just a little.  I’ve no intention of cutting it out as I KNOW how much my body needs it at the moment, however I just want to cut it back a bit.  Just to see what happens.  Will I not feel so heavy?  Will the extra veg give that extra boost I’m needing?  Will I feel worse?  Who knows, but I won’t know if I don’t experiment and who better to try in on than me.


Stay tuned my friend.