AIP: 4 Month Update



Howdy all,


Just dropping by with my Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP) 4 month journey update.


When I left you last month (at the 3 month mark), I spoke about the detox type symptoms I was re-living once again from bloating to fatigue.  I’d hoped that by month 4 I’d be back on track again with good news to share with you all, however it’s not to be as these pesky symptoms are all still hanging around.  Some days are better than others, but on a whole, my body is tired and inflamed.  I can feel it inside and out.


So it was back to my naturopath, with little or no pep in my step, and a plethora of tests to be perform – from full thyroid testing, bromide toxicity testing and all the other fun nutrient deficiency tests.  It was actually good to hear her say that what I was feeling and experiencing wasn’t normal.  Phew…..sometimes I question if it’s all in my head.


The brilliant news - my thyroid antibodies (TPO) have gone from over 1300 (the test only reads up to 1300, so I’m unsure how far over 1300 I actually was) down to 600.  Toot toot!  I’m still a long way of in getting it under the recommended level of 32, but getting down to 600 just proves to me that this AIP diet IS working.


Another wonderful thing to note was that the bromide toxicity block I’ve been dealing with (see more info on this here), has all but gone.  Toot toot toot!  My body is now absorbing the iodine I’m feeding it when once not even 1% was getting through.


The not so great news from these tests, and the reason why I’m feeling so f*cking crap (seriously, there’s no other word for it) is the blasted infection I’ve now got raging in my gut causing huge amounts of inflammation.  However, as my holistic practitioner pointed out, if I wasn’t already on AIP and being so strict about the foods I ate, I would have dropped further backwards than what I have.    Thank God for AIP!


So the bottom line for me = it’s serious gut healing time!


So what does this mean?


  1. I’m upping the nutrient-dense foods I eat daily, especially my bone broth, collagen and gelatin intake.
  2. I’m continuing my digestive aid help from having lemon in warm water of a morning, apple cider vinegar before meals and herbal digestive tablets with my meals.
  3. I’ve been placed on some heavy duty probiotics.  Only the big guns for me now!
  4. I’m being selfish.  It’s time to start prioritising me once again and saying no. 
  5. I’m embracing essential oils from DiGize, ginger or peppermint rubbed on my belly (with a little coconut oil) which can soothe intestinal inflammation and support the healing of leaky gut, as well as the Young Living Peace + Calming blend of an evening which encourages deep relaxation, helping with meditation and sleep.