AIP: 7 Month Update


As I sit here typing this, I’ve just passed the 7 month mark of being on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).


Holy cow! 


My initial thought when I started this back in May was that I would aim for the 2-3 month mark, hoping 1 single month would be all I need before I felt on top of the world again.


Jeez….how wrong I was.


Looking back, I can see that I did have some almost instant changes/relief around week 2 on the protocol, which was what kept me motivated, however I really didn’t feel any major difference until I hit months 5-6, after dealing with a few unfortunate gut infections.


So how do I feel 7 months in?



Overall – really good!


When I sit quietly and scan my body, I would say I’m sitting around 75%-80% of the way there.  And by the way there, I mean how I felt when I WAS on top of the world.


When I think back to how my body felt when starting this journey to how I feel now, there is a HUGE difference.  Some days are better than others, however the bloating and tummy pains that were once a part of my everyday life are all but gone.  I will now only feel little signs of swelling a few days after dealing with a stressful situation, or from an unexpected gut infection!  Ho hum!


I do, however still suffer with fatigue.  I still struggle to get through the afternoons without wanting a nap, and there are some mornings when I wake up and can barely gather the strength to open my eyes.


I still suffer from thyroiditis – where my thyroid swells and I feel like I’m coming down with flu-like symptoms. 


I also still do have a few issues with my digestion and my body’s ability to absorb nutrients.


The great news though - I’ve begun to re-introduce a few foods back into my diet…whoop whoop.  Especially those higher in omega 3 (at the recommendation of my naturopath).  We’ve been concentrating on eggs and various nuts and seeds, which can I tell you has opened up a whole new world to me again.  Being able to bake with almond meal again has me squealing with joy (I’m surprised you haven’t heard me!) and almond butter….don’t even get me started on that little miracle.


Yes, I still have a loooong way to go, and yes, I’m still constantly working on healing my gut, but I have to say, giving AIP a go was the best thing I EVER did!


Wondering if you should give it a try yourself?  Feel free to reach out with any questions.